Government as innovation leader



NSW Innovation Concierge

A service to help innovators navigate government’s extensive knowledge bases and access the right people and advice, so that their promising proposals and ideas can progress.

The NSW Innovation Concierge will be a ‘front door’ to propose new thinking, models and ideas that align with government priorities.

The NSW Innovation Concierge operates in conjunction with the new Ministerial Innovation Committee, allowing for promising opportunities to be considered by subject matter experts and decision-makers across government.

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Innovation Launch

A program of structured challenges designed to help innovators collaborate with government to solve important problems. Seed funding of up to $150,000 is available to successful proponents. The first challenge is now open.

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Regulatory Sandboxes

A program to encourage more experimentation and allow businesses to accelerate the development of innovative solutions in NSW. Businesses can apply to the program to test their products, services and business models, where that testing may currently be inhibited by state regulations. 

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  • Digital licenses

We’ll provide NSW licence holders with the option of a Digital Licence to meet rising expectations for easier, better and faster access to services.

  • Simplified contracts and tendering

New procurement processes are making it easier for startups and SMEs to do business with government.

  • The NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC)

With 12 new priority projects, the DAC will continue to generate insights into some of the complex issues that impact the people of NSW.

  • Digital Government

The Digital Government Strategy will accelerate the digital transformation of government in NSW. It will outline our vision for smarter government and help us transform the way we design and deliver services through a better understanding of our customers. The Strategy will drive digital innovation and greater use of data, to help us meet priorities like making better government services and 70% of government transactions digital by 2019. 

  • Innovation Partnerships for Digital Health

eHealth NSW is forming partnerships with NSW Health organisations, leading information technology industry players and the NSW research community. The partnerships will prioritise:

  • advanced data management, healthcare analytics and bioinformatics
  • user-centric design for safety, quality and reliability
  • device integration with clinical information systems
  • digital tools to enable integrated models of care
  • dMarketplace

A catalogue that makes NSW Government open data more discoverable and useable. dmarketplace will help people find and connect open data from government, industry and research bodies. Users will be able to interact with the data, data custodians and with each other to share feedback and insights.

  • Smart Cities framework

'Smart' Cities are vibrant and productive cities and towns that leverage data, internet of things (IoT) technologies, hi-tech interfaces and digital analytics. The new framework will guide the planning and design of innovative, productive urban environments.

  • Measuring government’s innovation capability

This pilot program will assess the existing and future capacity of the NSW public service to develop innovative solutions, beginning with a pilot within DFSI (Department Finance, Services and Innovation).

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