What does Social Innovation mean for us?

NSW is a robust and thriving economy, yet many of its residents continue to live in disadvantage.

Into the future, as our population ages, the inequality gap widens, and demand on human services escalates, we will need to pay closer attention to addressing and solving social problems – collaboratively, better and more efficiently.

Social innovation is a growing and critical area of focus in NSW and many players, large and small, are active in this space.

The NSW Government engages NGOs to deliver approximately $4 billion of human services each year.

We are committed to systemic change and to working with NGOs, social enterprises, the private sector and the community to find innovative ways to deliver services and achieve better outcomes for the people of NSW.


What’s government doing?

Social Innovation Council

Within government, social innovation is being championed by the Social Innovation Council (SIC).

The SIC is a strategic partnership between the NSW Government and the Forum of Non-Government Agencies (FONGA). It has been established to accelerate innovation in the way human services are developed, delivered and measured, to improve human services outcomes.

The SIC has various initiatives in play, including the Human Services Data Hub, a new High Performance Framework and a Human Services Outcomes Framework, all to transform the way human services are assessed, managed and delivered.

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The Office of Social Impact Investment

The Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) is a joint team of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and the NSW Treasury. The office has been established as an initiative of the NSW Government to work with its partners and facilitate growth in the social impact investment market.

They oversee and lead the implementation of the NSW Social Impact Investment Policy, working closely with other government agencies and non-government stakeholders. Key elements of this work includes developing new social impact investment transactions and building capability and capacity among agencies and others to participate in social impact investing.

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The Human Services Outcomes Framework

The Human Services Outcomes Framework is a tool to support NSW Government agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) to embed outcomes measurement into human services planning, delivery and evaluation. An initiative of the Social Innovation Council, it promotes collaboration and consistent social outcomes reporting across the human services sectors.