Human Services Outcomes Framework

The Human Services Outcomes Framework is a tool to support agencies and non-government organisations to embed outcomes measurement into human services planning, delivery and evaluation. The Outcomes Framework will assist the NSW Government and NGOs to respond to the challenge of delivering better outcomes and more services in the face of growing demand, an ageing population and budget constraints. Focusing on outcomes:  

  • leads to greater impact – it encourages agencies and NGOs to be clear about the impact they want to have, and then test, learn and iterate to make sure services are effective
  • is customer centred – it puts people at the centre of design and delivery, therefore delivering more holistic solutions
  • supports innovation – by building evidence about what works and why, agencies and NGOs can find new ways of addressing challenging problems
  • engages and refocuses the agency or NGO - having greater clarity on the change that work leads to can foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • provides greater transparency for funders - agencies need to direct funding to programs that can demonstrate what they are doing works and is creating meaningful and lasting impact
  • supports collaboration - agencies and NGOs can achieve better human services outcomes by designing services to address all the needs of an individual, or by partnering with agencies and/or NGOs to deliver holistic solutions

The Outcomes Framework has seven high level ‘outcome domains’, underpinned by specific population outcomes and primary indicators. The outcome domains are defined by a statement of intent: 

  • Education & Skills – All people in NSW are able to learn, contribute and achieve
  • Economic – All people in NSW are able to contribute to, and benefit from, our economy
  • Health – All people in NSW are able to live a healthy life
  • Home – All people in NSW are able to have a safe and affordable place to live
  • Safety – All people in NSW are able to be safe
  • Empowerment – All people and communities in NSW are able to contribute to decision-making that affects them and live fulfilling lives
  • Social & Community – All people in NSW are able to participate and feel culturally and socially connected

Agencies and NGOs can use the Outcomes Framework during program or service design and evaluation, strategic planning, commissioning and outcomes based contracting. The Human Services Outcomes Framework Guide provides practical guidance to agencies and NGOs on using the Outcomes Framework and adopting an outcomes-focused approach to service delivery.

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