NSW Government committed to cutting red tape

The NSW Government is committed to cutting red tape, boosting jobs and supporting start-ups. The Regulatory Sandbox program, part of the NSW Government’s innovation strategy, is a key element in providing NSW start-ups with the opportunity to test, grow, build their products and ultimately thrive here.

The call for more responsive regulation is being answered by the trialling of the Regulatory Sandbox program which will provide a regulatory exemption for innovative solutions that offer clear benefits to the citizens of NSW.

A Regulatory Sandbox is where regulators of an industry provide regulatory exemptions to allow for innovative products and services to be tested in a live environment. Regulatory Sandboxes are granted for a limited period to allow for a trial of the regulation exemption.

“These jobs are coming and it’s just a question of whether we want to grab them here in NSW, in Sydney, or are we going to miss the opportunity and let some other state or country take them off us. I want to make sure those jobs are being created here – and that NSW and Sydney are the epicentre of innovation and start-ups” – Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean.

Regulatory Sandboxes have the potential to: 

  • Support businesses to accelerate the development of innovation solutions in NSW thereby attracting new innovation to the NSW market; 
  • Allow for the testing of innovative solutions in real time with regulatory exemptions with an agreed set of parameters enabling more innovative solutions to reach market benefiting consumers; and 
  • Reduce the time to market for innovative products and services, potentially a lower cost.

Only NSW state regulations are able to be considered for a sandbox program. Regulation from other states or federal regulations will not be considered. To find out if the regulations you are affected by are NSW state based, you can search our database available here and for more information head to

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