Pitch to Pilot: Providing direct access to NSW Government

Innovators are often looking for opportunities to pitch their products or services to government. The Pitch to Pilot Program will provide companies with a new and formalised avenue to pitch their innovative technologies and solutions to the NSW Government.

The program is a joint initiative led by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation with several partnering agencies. We are looking for solutions in the areas of:

  • identity and security, 
  • artificial intelligence (AI), or
  • machine learning (ML)

that can deliver improved efficiences, better services and enhanced outcomes for NSW citizens.

Pitch to Pilot will:

• Provide a new and accessible avenue for companies to pitch their innovative technologies and solutions to government;

• Provide direct access to key decision makers within NSW Government;

• Provide the opportunity to secure a pilot and/or receive timely feedback on an innovative technology or solution (shortlisted applicants only);

• Assist agencies to identify innovative technologies and solutions; and

• Provide agencies with a new way to expedite procurement of innovative technologies and solutions.

Applications are NOW CLOSED, and further information regarding the shortlisted candidates can be found here