Progress made with the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN)

The NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) is a collaboration between the NSW Government, universities and industry to further research into small, smart devices to facilitate on-site measurements and remote tracking of health and the environment. They will look into pollution, wildlife and human health.

NSSN launched at the University of Sydney headquarters in early February 2017. They are focusing on five key projects air sensing, wildlife, biomedical, wearables and water quality.

Experts in chemistry, physics and engineering will work together on developing air pollution sensors that measure small particles in the air, using a laser beam that can measure size and concentration. Already through prototyping, the team are conducting field tests in the Hunter Valley.

A biomedical project is looking at detecting bacterial infections in hosptials using glucose metres. The wearable technology project is looking at both tracking movement using optical fibres woven into clothing and sensors to detect sun exposure for vitamin D and when to apply sunscreen.

NSSN will be looking to mass produce sensors across these projects as they continue testing and progressing each one to improve our daily quality of life.

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