Strengthening our child protection system

The ChildStory program is part of a broader $500 million reform called ‘Safe Home for Life’, a state wide initiative which is being driven by the NSW Family and Community Services department to strengthen the child protection system.

The ChildStory program uses a highly innovative design and collaborative approach and is a leading example of rethinking service delivery.

The program aims to revolutionise the IT systems case workers use and allows them to do more than just keep records. ChildStory will enable FACS caseworkers, other NGO and government workers and most importantly, families and children to have access to their information and work together to protect children. Case workers were spending a large amount of time recording the work they do and are keen to spend more time with children and families. This program will replace a multitude of ageing and disconnected legacy systems to enable caseworkers to spend more time in the field and have access to information they need when they are out.

ChildStory will support reforms aimed at seeing more children at risk and keeping them safe with their families, or supporting those who are no longer able to live with their families.


The ChildStory program is part of a broader $500 million reform called Safe Home for Life