Sydney School of Entrepreneurship for NSW rising stars

Imagine a progressive classroom full of NSW’s brightest minds - each with their own ideas for a start-up, interacting with peers, engaging with global experts and building a prestigious alumni network. This is a picture of the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) headquarters and the opening is only a few months away.

A prestigious new partnership between 12 tertiary institutions - 11 NSW universities and TAFE NSW, SSE was established with a $25 million cornerstone funding by NSW Government. When fully operational, SSE will teach 1,000 students each year core entrepreneurial skills as part of their degree or TAFE program.

Providing students and business owners access to international resources, knowledge, networks and experiences required to start and scale new businesses –SSE is creating a larger common stage for a new generation of local entrepreneurs to thrive. Our community of start-ups, with 64% of new business locating in NSW, is clearly comfortable in the role that NSW has to play.

Knowing that start-ups and innovative small businesses are the job creating stars of the NSW economy - net jobs growth has come from the 6% of companies that start small and grow quickly - SSE will play a leading role in NSW becoming an innovation powerhouse.

For inspiration, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship is modelled on the success of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Recruiting former Executive Director and CEO Nick Kaye to found the Sydney School, Kaye has recently returned to Australia after two decades in Stockholm including ten years leading the Stockholm initiative. Under Kaye’s leadership, Stockholm built a world-class reputation for educating students who have gone on to extraordinary business success.

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Sydney School of Entrepreneurship is creating a larger common stage for a new generation of local entrepreneurs to thrive