Work with us

The NSW Innovation Strategy signals a step-change in government’s capacity to collaborate with the NSW innovation community to solve the problems and challenges that matter to all of us.

Three new programs have been launched that open our doors to your ideas:

NSW Innovation Concierge

An always-on engine that responds to innovation-related queries, and accepts proposals based on defined criteria.

Innovation Launch

A program of structured challenges designed to help innovators collaborate with government to solve important problems. Seed funding of up to $150,000 is available to successful proponents. The first challenge is open now.

Regulatory Sandboxes

An initiative to allow regulatory frameworks to test new technologies and models. If your business is facing regulatory barriers in the areas of agtech, blockchain, health tech, energy tech, social innovation or anywhere else, we want to hear from you.

Decisions informed by independent experts

We're serious about innovation and have recognised the need to create an environment within government for testing and introducing innovative ideas.

An independent panel ('shark tank') will advise the Ministerial Innovation Committee on proposals regarding feasibilty, impact and ability to address a specific government problem.

Governance at the highest level: The Ministerial Innovation Committee

The Ministerial Innovation Committee (MIC) oversees the NSW Innovation Concierge, Innovation Launch and Regulatory Sandboxes programs. The MIC encourages the adoption of innovative ideas in the public sector.  

The MIC comprises ministers whose portfolios contain major commitments under the Innovation Strategy:

  • Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation
  • Deputy Premier; Minister for Regional NSW; Minister for Skills; Minister for Small Business
  • Minister for Trade and Industry; Minister for Primary Industries