Who is NIC?

The NSW Innovation Concierge, or NIC, provides Information for Innovators and entrepreneurs on how to connect to NSW Government.

Most requests we receive are about funding from government, government as a customer, or enquiries about regulation. Before you submit an enquiry please refer to the below information.


There is a range of funding available at State and Federal level, Jobs for NSW has provided a useful funding roadmap and interactive tool to help you navigate funding possibilities.

Government as a customer 

NSW Government is one of the largest consumers of goods and services in Australia. We have a strict and rigorous procurement process to ensure that we procure responsibly.  If you have a product or service that you think NSW government could procure, please visit NSW ProcurePoint and NSW eTendering for information and to view available opportunities.

If your solution is novel or innovative, we at least need an MVP that has been validated in the market in order for us to identify and connect you to the appropriate NSW Government agency. We would expect that you have identified your ideal customer and can advise who in government is likely to consume or procure your solution.


If you have a novel or innovative solution and are confronting a regulatory barrier or hurdle, NSW Government may consider possible pathways to better regulation. The first port of call is the relevant agency or regulator. We may be able to facilitate connections where you have been unable to contact the relevant agency or regulator. Please make sure you have clearly identified the specific regulatory barrier. For a directory of all agencies and regulators please visit Service NSW.

Need assistance with your idea or startup?

NSW is the leading state for startups in Australia. If you are thinking of starting a business you are in the right place; whether you are in Sydney and can access the Sydney Startup Hub or located in regional NSW with access to the various regional incubators. There is a community near you, you just have to look for them.

The front-line NSW government agency promoting the NSW startup ecosystem is Jobs for NSW. Service NSW has compiled a very useful practical guide to start your business. The federal government has also provided useful tools and resources that might guide you on your journey. See business.gov.au.

But if you are looking for mentorship or applied learning we suggest you research the various incubators and accelerators located in NSW.

NIC is not a consulting service and cannot advise on your business, product market fit, business model or where to access capital. We can direct you to government grants and resources as outlined above.

If you have a novel or innovative solution and think government is a potential customer, see above “Government as a customer”.

Still need help? Get in touch

NIC may be able to assist you with connecting to the right area of the NSW Government if you are able to answer yes to the below questions. The NSW Government is open to considering innovative solutions and we’d be pleased to hear from you.

If you are seeking government as a customer:

  1. Do you have a minimum viable product (MVP)?
  2. Do you have at least one paying customer?
  3. Have you checked the ProcurePoint and eTendering website and determined there are no current opportunities for your business?
  4. Have you identified your ideal contact in NSW Government?

If you are seeking assistance with a regulatory barrier:

  1. Have you made an attempt to contact the relevant agency or regulator?

If you answer yes to the questions above, then fill out the NSW Innovation Concierge submission form and we will assist with connecting you to the relevant people.




Our goal is to save you time and energy - so you can get on with innovating