Access to government data

The NSW Government collects a lot of data in many different areas. Making more of this data available is part of our commitment to open government, and we are excited to see how it can be used in innovative ways. The release of usable and up to date datasets offers benefits across government, to individuals and industry, and contributes to wider social and economic good.

Data is provided in a variety of formats, including, in some cases, web services and APIs. Businesses, members of the public, NGOs and researchers can request access to data which is not yet published, or request access to data in a different format.

NSW Government data is disseminated through Data NSW. This is a central data catalogue which provides links to datasets and data portals across government.

Data Request Service is available on Data NSW, for you to request access to unpublished data. Where appropriate, government will attempt to make access and use of data free of charge. If this isn’t possible, any fees will be clearly stated.

Anyone who accesses or uses government data has certain rights and responsibilities. Public users have an enforceable right to seek access to data, but also have the responsibility to uphold safeguards and use and interpret the data responsibly. 

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